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Registeration fee for iDEC 2022

March 17 2022

Team registration fees for iDEC 2022: Early-bird Registration: £ 400 (Available for the first 20 registered teams), Regular Registration: £ 800 (Applicable after the first 20 registered teams)

iDEC 2022 is coming!

March 17 2022

We are happy to announce iDEC2022, the registration channel will open on 20 March, stay tuned!

Bluepha becomes a Gold Sponsor in iDEC 2021!

September 28 2021

With great pleasure and gratitude we announce that Bluepha is our first Gold Sponsor in this competition.

Bluepha is an innovative company that creates new molecular products based on synthetic biotechnology. It is committed to designing, developing, manufacturing and selling new bio-based products, including:

  • Bio-polymers PHAs which are biodegradable in any environment without leaving harmful footprints
  • Functional beverage ingredients that can effectively relieve stress and anxiety
  • New functional probiotics that compensate for common metabolic defects in the human body
  • Functional ingredients for personal care and medical beauty industries, etc.

Bluepha can assist business partners in various industries such as consumer products, health and medical care, agricultural environmental protection, electronic and electrical, and help businesses adopt product differentiation strategy to compete in their markets.

The goal of Bluepha is to create innovative biotechnology products that can impact the majority of people and contribute to the sustainable development of society: "Create one industry, Develop one hundred products, Affect five billion people." Bluepha hopes to collaborate with iDEC to jointly promote the positive growth of the synthetic biology community, and to work with more partners to create the future with the power of synthetic biology.

In light of their generosity, the special awards this year will be named after Bluepha, and as our honorable guest, Bluepha shall present these during the iDEC Festival.

Twitter Card of Bluepha Sponsorship

iDEC introduction video is onine now!

April 30 2021

The iDEC introduction video is online now. Want to understand iDEC more easily? Our organizers introduce iDEC for you here!